What is Know’s Club?

It’s a membership program that enables you to get more value from In The Know Cycling.

Why does Know’s Club exist?

Quite simply, readers have been asking for more from the site. More reviews of more products, sooner, and more of the ones you’re most interested in. More recommendations of what’s best for your situation and budget.

Depending on what kind of membership you choose, Know’s Club will give you more of those things.

What are the benefits of being a Know’s Club member?

Here’s a concise summary of the member types, benefits, and costs. You can click on anything in red or the graphics to see more about the membership that best suits you.


BREAKAWAY membership – Be the first to see reviews

  • Get 3-day advance notice of newly published and updated reviews
  • US$19/year

PACESETTER membership – Help choose what we review

  • Nominate and vote on wheelsets and other gear for review 2x/year
  • Includes all BREAKAWAY member benefits
  • US$35/year

LEADER membership – Get personalized product recommendations

  • Get Steve’s recommendation on wheelsets and gear for your situation
  • Includes all PACESETTER AND BREAKAWAY member benefits
  • US$129/year

Who handles the billing?

We use a proven e-commerce engine and secure payment gateways to handle orders. You’ll see typical e-commerce cart and checkout pages, and create your own account page to manage your Know’s Club membership.

What happens once I’m a member?

If you’ve already joined Know’s Club or are thinking about it and want to know what happens if you do join, take a look at the Welcome to Know’s Club page that explains what to expect as a member.

Is this a paywall or a path to one?

No. I remain committed to a site with no advertisements, no paywalls, and no industry influence or compensation of any type. In The Know Cycling is exclusively reader-focused and reader-supported and will remain that way.

None of this changes with Know’s Club. Instead, Know’s Club allows you to get more of what you want.

When you buy your gear and kit after clicking on the links to stores we recommend, the site earns a small commission from some of them that go to paying site and review costs. Your Know’s Club membership fees add to that and help us do more of what you’re asking for and keep our unique model rolling.

Meanwhile, other cycling gear review sites have put up paywalls that prevent you from seeing any reviews or content, run in-your-face ads, publish reviews that are industry and supplier influenced (or paid for), and do other things that make you wonder whose interests they put first.

Can I just make a contribution?

Sure, that’s always welcome and will help support everything we’re trying to do on the site. Click on this link to help make that happen.

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  • Hi. Are the prices quoted in US$ or ???

  • I now have a 10 spd road bike. I would like to up-grade to a 11 spd or 12 spd road bike for racing. I also want electronic shifting.

    Could you tell me the pro’s & con’s for both of these?

    Thank you, Gary

  • John Copenhaver

    I have a 26.5 inch or roughly 68 cm ( head (big in the bicycling world). I have looked all over for a good cycling helmet but no one seems to make one that size. I have seen and tried a 67 cm but it’s too small still. Would anyone have any suggestions ? Any help would be appreciated . I just had a custom bike built and I love to ride but I don’t feel safe without a helmet. With all of the helmet manufacturers out there one would think that something that close could be made ?

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