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Most cyclists I know are always up for a great deal.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Tuesday afternoon in November, a Sunday morning in May, or whenever. If the latest sale that comes across our screen might include gear or kit we’ve been thinking about, we want to check it out.

We stop what we’re doing, start scrolling, and well, maybe find that needle in the haystack.

But, there are so many sales going on that we can waste a lot of time finding the real deals. Too many don’t offer much of a discount or are on clearance products that few wanted in the first place.

You’ve been there? Me too. Too many times to admit.

So I regularly look for good sales and ongoing deals from stores I already recommend because they start with competitive prices on a good selection of enthusiast-level gear.

And, independent research shows our fellow cyclists already trust these stores.

I put those sales and deals in the table you see below, at Know’s Shop, and sometimes on the home page.

Some of these are only available to In The Know Cycling readers. Others are available for everyone. All are good deals.

You click on any logo or green button to go directly to the deal.

ITKC Reader Deals

Competitive Cyclist

25% off popular brands

Power Meter City

10% off power meters, trainers, components and electronics

Exclusively for In The Know Cycling readers. Code ITKPMC10. Garmin, Favero, and power2max excluded.


10% off most everything in the store

Exclusively for In The Know Cycling readers. Code ITKTDZ10. Min £30 purchase. 

Planet Cyclery

20% off on regular-priced items 

Use code CYBER20. Ends 11/30 at midnight PST. Exclusions apply.


Free tires and handlebar tape or dropper post with purchase

Get a free set of ENVE SES tires and tape when you buy ENVE 3.4, 4.5, 6.7, 7.8, 45 or 65 road wheelset. Get free G series dropper post when you buy G23, G27, AG25 or AG28 gravel wheelset.

Performance Bike

25% off leading brands

Thanks for checking out the best bike deals and supporting In The Know Cycling. Enjoy your ride and your next deal!

In The Know Cycling is ad-free, subscription-free, and reader-supported. If you want to help keep it rolling without any added cost to you, buy your gear and kit after clicking the store links on the site. When you do, we may earn an affiliate commission that will help me cover the expenses to create and publish our independent, comprehensive, and comparative reviews. Thank you, Steve. Learn more.

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  • Hi Steve I’ve always wondered what is the best way to trade bikes by not losing a lot of money on it. Example I bought a bike today and I want to get into another bike in 2-3 years what’s the best way to get rid of the old bike and get into a new one would it be a trade through a bike shop or sell it on eBay or offer up, etc…. what’s the best way. Like to hear your thoughts on that please thank you very much!

    • Whoa, Sam! That’s quite a spree you’ve got planned. I don’t anyone that turns over bikes that fast. Lucky you. Too bad you can’t lease bikes the way you can with cars.

      I don’t know that there’s a market for used bikes at bike shops so I’d look at other options. eBay is likely the most efficient player. I’ve never sold a bike there (I donate them, they’re so old) but I’m continually amazed at what people are willing to pay for used wheels, components, and the like.

      Depending on what kind of bike you are selling, there’s also a cycling-only online marketplace in the US called The Pro’s Closet but they aren’t as efficient and sell your bike for less than you can on eBay while also taking a big chunk in commission.

      The other approach I’ve seen work successfully is to sell it locally to someone in your bike club or through your network of cycling friends. There are no commissions or fees with that and the seller can check out the bike before he/she buys it. Tends to be a win-win. Steve

      • Sam – my son does that with Mtn bikes. Has gone from an SLX (105 class) aluminum, to an XTR (Dura-Ace class) carbon frame and fancy suspension that a Trek pro sold him with a few sales in the middle. Each new bike requires a bit of an extra investment so it isn’t a trade by any means but he thinks of it as hey I road a bike for 1-2 years for $500-900… PinkBike is the place! (3000+ Road bikes right now..example 3k for new Diverge CF RX810- build) He invests considerable time monitoring listings though… the good deals go, but keep in mind everything is negotiable.

      • Thank you very much Steve and Scott for your info, I will keep your inputs in mind, I appreciate it.


  • your SRAM link is failing… as was the second Shimano link…

    • Scott, trying out some new software so perhaps there are few hiccups.

      Were you clicking on the green button or the SRAM logo? I’ve now set it up so either should open a link to the deal. Steve

      • Software ugh… In your store category the Shimano and SRAM logo and the green button fail but the Power Meter logo and green button succeed to compare those two. Good luck but I wanted to make sure you got a few bucks… the page had me thinking about picking up some chains an alternative cassette – spending enough that hopefully you get a bit from it… your site has been very helpful over the years. Two sets of wheels, switch of tires, moving to tubeless, and biting the bullet on Assos bibs (greatest investment). Didn’t take your advice on computers though… I love the Garmin 530 for the Mtn biking capabilities… the flow measurement is actually fascinating and matches up with good Strava times… but the best is telling my kid I jumped X times for a total of Y total feet and Z seconds of airtime is too good to pass up 🙂 and the Trailforks integration is pretty cool…

  • The best way to avoid being hit with depreciation is by buying Used, let someone else take that hit. I understand some people like their gear new so just be aware that there is a premium for that and be prepared to pay for it come selling time. Every single bike I’ve bought is used in like new condition, never had a single issue. Remember guys these are bikes we are talking about certainly not a car with complex mechanical parts and certainly not some rocket science as some cyclists would lead you to believe.

    As fair as trade I use a combination of Ebay and Pinkbike. The only advantage of Ebay is much more exposure, but keep in mind as I learned the wrong way they will be taking a 10% commission, which IMHO is very steep, hence why I’ve protested and stop using.

    Or maybe I’m just a cheapskate…lol!!!

  • Wiggle had Assioma Favero pedals in stock recently for $75 or so less than anywhere else. Got me a pair (Duo for $666) but now out of stock again.

  • Thanks Steve – I needed to purchase a batch of bike helmets for impact, aero, temperature and usability studies. Also helped that you narrowed it down to your favorites. This post saved me a few hours of research.

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