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Thank you for the payment you made to join Know’s Club. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. Log into the account you used for payment to view the transaction details or to the account management page you set up to confirm or update your information.

With that wordy (but necessary) warm-up out of the way… Welcome! It’s great to have you as a member of Know’s Club.

Depending on the membership level you chose, here’s what happens next:

BREAKAWAY membership

  • You’ll get an email from me notifying you whenever we’ve added or updated a review, article, or any other piece of content to the site, the same as you have been all along. You’ll just be getting that email 7 days before those who haven’t yet joined the club.
  • That’s a breakaway no one is going to catch.



PACESETTER membership

  • Four times a year, you’ll get a survey from me asking you to nominate a wheelset and one other piece of gear or kit you’d like to see us review.
  • About a week later you’ll get a second survey asking you to vote for one wheelset and one other piece of gear or kit among all of those nominated.
  • With your nominations and votes, you’ll be setting the pace for all readers by helping us choose what we review next.
  • You’ll also get email notifications about new reviews and articles 7 days before those who’ve fallen off the pace and haven’t yet joined Know’s Club.

LEADER membership

  • If you are looking for a road or gravel wheelset recommendation, e-mail me your answers to these Rider Profile questions. I’ll review your answers, come back to you if I have further questions, and make a couple of recommendations.
  • If you are looking for a recommendation for another piece of gear or kit in the categories we review, e-mail me your answers to the same Rider Profile questions tailored to the type of gear you’re looking for. I’ll review, come back to you if I have questions, and make recommendations.
  • As a Know’s Club LEADER, I’ll be giving you the special attention a club or team leader has earned (but seldom gets enough credit for) with recommendations that put you in the best position to achieve your goals for the kind of riding you do and with the budget you’ve specified.
  • Please remember that leaders expect as much (or more) of themselves as they do of those that support them. Your comprehensive and candid answers to the Rider Profile questions will allow me to give you more helpful recommendations than dashed-off or aspirational ones.
  • Also, please recognize that I won’t be able to recommend products in areas that we don’t review because I’d just be guessing and that’s not how I want to support a LEADER.
  • As a LEADER member, you’ll also receive the same communications that BREAKAWAY and PACESETTER members get through the year.

OK. Let’s roll!


  • Sooo then…how does one attain one of these “membership” levels? Cost? first born? podiums? Food Bank Support? Joint Membership through League of American Cyclists (a good suggestion, no?) or PFB?

    Uh, you prolly get the point. Like most UIs…details and intuitively obvious prompts are not to be found…anywhere.


    • Mike, Lots of great suggestions there. I closed Know’s Club as it seems most readers are either believers in Groucho Marx’s saying that “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member ” or prefer to support the site in one of 10 other ways https://intheknowcycling.com/support/. I see that you have now done that via Paypal. Many thanks! Steve

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