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Like any cycling enthusiast, I’m always looking for gear and kit that’s better, easier to use, and less expensive.

And while I hope the In The Know Cycling website helps you do that, I’ve come up with another simple way to get your gear and kit that you may prefer when using your phone.

It’s the In The Know Cycling app.

With the “Shop for gear” search bar, you can quickly find, compare prices, and order what you’re looking for among the 75,000 products the app pulls in from 15 of my top-ranked cycling stores.

You can also use the “Find a review” search bar and menu drop-downs to see if I’ve reviewed a product you’re interested in getting.

Use these links or QR codes to get the app from your device store.


And please let me know what you think.

Post an app review or reply to this email to tell me what you like and what I can do to make it work better for you.


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