Oakley ARO5 Road Helmet



The Oakley ARO5 Road Helmet is a streamlined helmet for the discerning cyclist who seeks an aerodynamic advantage without compromising comfort or ventilation. Maximizing aerodynamics the helmet’s wide channels at the front reduce drag while moving air is grabbed from the rear scoop and channeled to the narrow rear exhaust vents. Instead of simply adding MIPSreg straight into the helmet the baseline design for the ARO5 integrates MIPSreg fully. This intentional design offers better comfort by distributing pressure points on soft brow pads and crown pads when tightening the helmet down. The Boareg 360 Fit System was chosen for this helmet to provide the effortlessly integrated eyewear dock. With the low-profile nylon webbing that makes up the 360deg tightening system eyewear can be stowed without getting snagged and caught in the helmet unlike other fit systems.

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