Giordana Men’s NX-G Bibshorts



Gradual compression micro massaging and the secure comfortable fit of the Giordana Men’s NX-G Bib Short is achieved through the revolutionary 1on1 Paneling System and proprietary graduated compression fabric. Consider it your new super domestique.pThe NX-G Bib Short features the new 1on1 Paneling System only one piece of fabric per leg and a proprietary graduated compression material that provides progressive gradual compression for each section of the leg and gluts in an ergonomic and comfortable fit. This unique construction method also eliminates unnecessary seams. The longer leg length combined with the compression inherent to the fabric also eliminates the need for leg bands. The perforated bib straps keep you cool and dry with two levels of stretch to fit perfectly while riding or standing and help keep the short and new Cirro S chamois in place while riding.

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