Feedback Sports Cassette Pliers



Feedback Sports Cassette Pliers are so user-friendly removing your cassette to service bearings clean your gears or replace a worn drivetrain is so quick youtradell never hesitate to tackle the task. These innovative self-adjusting pliers confidently grab any cassette cog up to 26T on any drivetrain from 1-12 speeds including track cogs. The long-handled ergonomic grips manage the most challenging cassette removal with precision and confidence. Cold-forged hardened CRV tool steel arms put these Cassette Pliers in a category all their own. Perfect for learning bike maintenance or for veteran mechanics. Secure non-slip engagement Self-adjusting from 10T to 26T cogs Suitable for 1-12 speed Sram Shimano and Campagnolo drivetrains Self-adjusting arms make cassette removal fast and easy Closure lock keeps tool closed and compact when not in use Cold-forged and hardened CRV tool steel arms prevent flex Overmolde…

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