Shimano SM-Cd800 Chain Guide

$50.00 $49.99

SHIMANO SM-CD800 CHAIN GUIDEChain guides are a great way to keep your chain from dropping into places it shouldn’t be. Shimano’s new SM-CD800 Chain Guide is here to keep your chain on the straight and narrow. This Shimano Chain Guide has a cool design that allows it to be adjusted easily in relation to where the chainring is. This chain guide requires no shims or washers like other guides and adjusts easily with an allen wrench and your fingers. Keep your chain from falling off, get a Shimano SM-CD800 Chain Guide.FeaturesComes in three types for direct mount, E-type, and ISCG-05Easily adjusts with just an allen wrench and your fingersRequires no shims or washers like other chain guides


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