Peaty20s Tubeless Sealant


PEATY’S Tubeless SEALANT Bottle/TubPeaty’s Sealant is a non-toxic and 100% biodegradable formula. It features nano-platelets that look like blue glitter that help repair larger holes and tears inside the tire. The nano-platelets are completely biodegradable and made from starch extracted from sustainably managed Eucalyptus trees. The 500ml container provides you with a proper supply of sealant, the 5 or 25 liter shop pump tub gives you a near endless supply. Never feel the need to run to your local bike shop at 5:59pm in a last ditch effort to get some sealant in your tires before the weekend.FeaturesDeveloped by Steve Peat and a team of mad scientistsNano-platelets assist with the repair of larger holes and tears


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