Park Tool Bfs-1 Bottom Bracket Facer Set

$399.95 $385.95

Park Tool BFS-1 Bottom Bracket Facer Set The Park Tool BFS-1 Bottom Bracket Facer Set is designed to be a self-contained facing set using top quality precision parts for easy and efficient use. It makes easy work of cutting the shell material to thread and prep for installation of a threaded bottom bracket. You simply install the threaded inserts using the facer handle, then insert the facing tool through the guides and install the tension spring and speed nut. Done and done and onto the next project. Features 1.370×24 TPI right hand bushing 1.370×24 TPI left hand bushing 45mm facing cutter Park Tool reccomends the use of cutting fluid, such as their CF-2 fluid, when machining Related Articles: CUTTER SELECTION FOR REAMING, TAPPING & FACING Manufacturer’s Part No: BFS-1 UPC: 763477000606


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