Five Ten Freerider MTB Shoes


Five Ten Freerider ShoeYou are looking at your next favorite mountain bike shoe. If you have already owned a pair of 5.10 Freeriders, then you are obviously here to order another pair, because these shoes are unreal. The Freerider features the Stealth S1 rubber compound developed by rock climbers to be high in friction and durability. Combine this rubber with Five Ten’s Dotty tread design and you have a shoe that sticks to any pedal that comes close to it. Features:Intended Use: Downhill/Enduro/Freeride, Handling BusinessSplit Grain Leather and textile upperStealth S1 rubber outsoleLace up closureFIVE TEN SIZE CHARTUS MENSUS WOMENSUKEURCM11 (Kids)11 (Kids)10.52913.512 (Kids)12 (Kids)11.53017.513 (Kids)13 (Kids)12.53118.51 (Kids)1 (Kids)13.432.519.523.513320.02.541.53420.534.5234.521.03.552.53521.545.5335.522.04.563.53622.556.543723.05.574.537.523.567.553824.06.585.53924.578.5639.525.07.596.54025.589.574126.08.5107.541.526.5910.584227.09.5118.542.527.51011.594328.010.5129.54428.51112.51044.529.011.51310.54529.51213.5114630.012.51411.546.630.51314.5124731.013.51512.54831.51415.51348.532.01516.51449.532.5


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