Five Ten Freerider Contact MTB Shoes

$150.00 $149.90

Five Ten Freerider Contact ShoeThe Five Ten Contact Shoes may have been designed in sunny California, but it was built for nasty conditions. The upper is constructed with synthetic polyester textile, while the Stealth Mi6 rubber outsole provides the perfect amount of cushioning and vibration absorption, as well as tackiness on smooth surfaces such as metal and polished rock. It keeps on the pedals and won’t wear out before they have given you a long life of use. This is a do it all, mess around in the mountains, the park, or the local bike shop, type of shoe.Features:Intended Use: All-mountainStealth Mi6 rubber solesAdded toe protectionContact outsoleWeight: 385 gramsSynthetic/ polyester textileLace up closureFIVE TEN SIZE CHARTUS MENSUS WOMENSUKEURCM11 (Kids)11 (Kids)10.52913.512 (Kids)12 (Kids)11.53017.513 (Kids)13 (Kids)12.53118.51 (Kids)1 (Kids)13.432.519.523.513320.02.541.53420.534.5234.521.03.552.53521.545.5335.522.04.563.53622.556.543723.05.574.537.523.567.553824.06.585.53924.578.5639.525.07.596.54025.589.574126.08.5107.541.526.5910.584227.09.5118.542.527.51011.594328.010.5129.54428.51112.51044.529.011.51310.54529.51213.5114630.012.51411.546.630.51314.5124731.013.51512.54831.51415.51348.532.01516.51449.532.5


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