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If you’re not all-in on aero but want some aero benefits, the ENVE 65 wheelset provides a solid foundation for aero riding without making a maximal investment.

What is all in? Aero frame, aero components, aero kit, 23-25mph/37-40kph, TT and crit racers, where every bike length matters.

What is want some aero benefits? Race bike, aero aware, 20mph/32kph and up, fast group rides, occasional races, where going fast on flats and gently rolling terrain matters.

Most aero wheelsets aren’t versatile enough to ride on all terrain. But on the right terrain and in the right riding situations, the best aero wheels make a decisive speed difference when compared to shallower, all-around ones.

If you want the benefits of the best aero wheelset performance but can’t quite justify the investment, the ENVE 65 will get you close and for a lot less. At US$1400 for the ENVE 65, that’s over US$1000 less than my best-rated aero road disc wheelset performers. ENVE’s pricing outside the US, £2100, €2550, puts them at a far smaller discount in other regions of the world.

The ENVE 65 is stiff and compliant. That’s a great combination to have in any wheelset, one that other aero and all-around wheelsets I’ve ridden priced in the same range as the ENVE 65 rarely pull off.

Aero performance is, obviously, the critically important measure of an aero wheelset. While we can’t test them in a wind tunnel, I and my fellow testers Nate and Miles can and have judged and compared how well these and other aero wheelsets hold their momentum at a range of aero speeds.

Based on those admittedly subjective evaluations, the ENVE 65 is on par with higher-priced aero wheelsets, though slightly off the pace of the best.


Miles’ aero bike with ENVE 65 aero wheels. Zoom, Zoom…

It also holds its own or, perhaps better said, holds you reasonably close to your line in crosswinds, better than some and not as well as others in our experience. The ratings and review chart provides specific comparisons on this measure.

The ENVE 65’s 28.3mm outside rim is wider than the tire per my measurements with the ENVE hookless rim compatible and approved/recommended 25mm tubeless tires.

Acceleration, handling, and climbing performance are on par with the average aero disc wheelset in this review but off the pace of the best performers. Whether those performance differences would be noticeable in a flat or rolling TT or crit is debatable. They would if you were to take them on hillier terrain or races with more demanding cornering.

The same ENVE Alloy hub internals engage and roll very well on the road and emit a low-frequency, hollow sound. The 65 uses the Foundation hub shell, only 6 grams heavier than the ones used on ENVE’s SES wheels which are milled to allow for their paired spoke lacing. You can also order the ENVE 65 with a distinctively louder Industry Nine hub if you prefer.

So how do the aero category’s Best Performers compare to the ENVE 65, and is that performance enough to justify the price difference?

The Best Performers are less affected by the crosswinds and can mount 28mm tires to provide more comfort and lower vibration loss rolling resistance without reducing aero performance.

The choice is up to your aero performance id and cycling budget ego to resolve.

You can order the ENVE 65 wheelset at my top-rated stores using these links to BTD (BikeTiresDirect), and Merlin.

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  • Hi Steve,

    Great review, thanks! I’m a heavier roadie, weighing in at 175lb to 180lb depending. I ride a Specialized Tarmac SL6 Disc and in the process of upgrading my wheelset from the Roval C38 wheelset on the bike now. I am looking for a do everything wheelset (aren’t most people…); riding flats to slightly hilly to very hilly terrain, solo/group, and some racing. Riding solo, I pace about 20 mi/hr with my current setup.

    The new ENVE 65 looks highly impressive! How would it compare with the ENVE 45?

    Thanks – Chris

    • Chris, The ENVE 65 is not an all-around or “do everything” wheelset as you describe it. While I haven’t ridden or reviewed it yet, the ENVE 45 is designed for that type of riding. You also may want to consider my reviews of other all-around road disc wheels here. Steve

  • Can’t wait for your review on Enve Foundation 45, I’m now riding them..but I don’t have any experience with the SES I’m curious of how they compared

    • Aron, how do you like the Enve Foudation 45s? I’m considering either them or the Zipp 303s, but the Zipps are hard to get and the Enves seem more readily available. Thanks in advance!

  • Great review! Looking at both reviews for the Foundation 45 and Foundation 65, it sounds like the 65’s are not only better at holding momentum but it also sounds like they performs better in crosswinds compared to the 45’s. Please advise if I interpreted this incorrectly. Given the fact that these cost the same, I’m a bit torn as to which would be the better choice to live with on a daily basis on the new bike (my other bike has Zipp 404 NSWs which I love but it’s rim brake equipped).

    • Hi Phil, Glad you found the reviews helpful. The ENVE 65 will hold your momentum better than the ENVE 45 if you are using one of the more aero 25mm or 28mm tubeless tires but not be better in the crosswinds. I reread both those reviews (and updated the tire info in the ENVE 45 one) to see how I may have given you that impression about the crosswinds. Our testing and observations on crosswinds (and other performance criteria) in those reviews are relative to other wheels of a similar depth. The ENVE 45 is below average compared to the better 45-50mm deep wheels in crosswinds whereas the ENVE 65 are closer to the average of wheels in the 60-65mm depth range. But the ENVE 45 gets pushed around less than the ENVE 65 in a similar wind.

      Also note that the ENVE 45 is more of an all around wheelset suitable for a range of paved road terrain and speeds while the ENVE 65 performs its best at aero speeds above 20mph/32kph and on flatter roads and events. Depending on the kind of terrain you ride, speeds you ride at, and events you do (if any), one may be better suited to your riding than the other. Cheers, Steve

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