The $500 How I’m Going to Help Pay For It Giveaway

October is a month of change for many road cyclists.  The weather changes.  The daylight for riding changes.  Our individual, group, and event riding schedules often change.

In the midst of this change, many of us ask some tough questions.  I ask myself what went well over the last few months, what needs to improve, how do I need to train differently to perform better and enjoy myself even more out there on the road?

Two other difficult ones – What gear do I want to help me get better?  And, how the hell am I going to pay for it?

So many questions. So few answers.

Well here’s two.

1. You know I’m always there to help you figure out what gear to get next.  For example, I just posted a review on the Best Electronic Groupsets to help those of you thinking about upgrading to one of the many new choices of rim and disc brake component sets.

2. Wiggle has offered to help one lucky In The Know Cycling reader pay for whatever gear you want to improve your performance and enjoyment on the road. Big time! $500 big, to be specific, with a coupon good for anything in the store.  (Talk about burying the lead.)

With one of the biggest selection of bikes, wheels, components, apparel, shoes, and accessories Wiggle carries for roadies like you and me and the great customer satisfaction ratings they get, you will have no trouble finding the gear you want there and will be quite pleased with the way they take care of you.

Yes, it’s time for another In The Know Cycling reader giveaway.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win:

* Click the link and read my new post about the Best Electronic Groupsets

* Go to the comment section at the end of that review (not this one!)

* Enter a short comment describing

a. which groupset you use now and, if you are thinking about buying a new one,

b. which groupset you’d like to get and why.

One winner will be picked at random on October 18 from all comments.

If you’ve never commented on the site before, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately and please don’t enter it multiple times.  To prevent spammy, snarky or otherwise unhelpful folks from fouling the comment stream, I have to manually accept or “moderate” all first-time commenters.  I’ll typically do that within a few hours and usually much quicker if I’m not asleep or out riding.  One entry per person, please.

Thanks again to Wiggle for supporting In The Know Cycling when you buy something there after going to the store from a link on this site and for giving all of you fellow road cycling enthusiast readers the chance to win this big giveaway.

Good luck.  I hope October brings you many answers (and maybe a $500 coupon) to make the changes you want.

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  • Remember, comment on the groupset post here for a chance to win, rather than on this one.

    I’ve closed the comment board on this post so you don’t comment here by mistake. Steve