A couple of updates and then right into links to some of the latest deals on gear I know from stores I trust.

First, congrats to Christoph Millotat from Kyoto, Japan who won the $100 prize for taking our ITKC Reader Survey to use at the online or local bike store of his choice.  Many thanks to everyone who filled out the survey that was linked to my recent Looking Back, Looking Forward post.  The survey is now closed but you can still click on the title of the post to read what you might have missed on the blog over the last few months and find out what’s coming up.

These “Latest Deals” posts you are now getting is but one example of some of the things I’m already doing thanks to your survey input.  I’ll share the complete results with you in a future post.

Second, Zonda C17!  Ever since the day I wrote that I had a bought a set of the new wider Zondas and was waiting for the snow to clear to begin evaluating them, I’ve been getting comments and questions from readers asking if I would give them a preliminary review, a sneak-peak, some “just between you and me” feedback, something, anything that would help them decide whether or not they should buy them because there were great deals on these wheels going on and their money was just burning holes in their pockets. (All true but the last bit.)

I must say, the pressure was intense and it was hard to hold up under it all.  Ah, but the snow this winter…

Well, I’ve now had a bunch of miles on them and have also heard from my fellow tester Moose (at 200lbs/90kg – or so he says -and a founding member of the FFBC or Fat F**kers Bike Club) who has been riding them a bit now since I finished with them.  I can now to be able to say something that may help you decide.  And I say, YES, YES, YES, let your breath out and your money run free; this is a good wheelset and a great value if you are looking for an alloy upgrade over your stock wheels for lightweights like me (150lbs/68kg) to bruisers like Moose.

I’ll say more in a forthcoming full review…I actually, said more in my April 12 response to Mike’s well timed question in the comments section my Best Road Bike Wheel Upgrade post if you want to go there.

And the good news is that those same great deals on the Zonda C17 that had some of you breathing down my blog are still out there.  The best ones I’ve seen currently bring it in around or slightly better than USD$340,£325, €375, AUD$440 at stores here, herehere and here code ITK10.

Finally, if you look to your right, just over there >>>>> in that sidebar, you can find the Best Stores and Prices for all the gear I’ve recommended in my category posts.  I update the links in the sidebar (and in the posts where those products were recommended) a couple times a week and it’s up-to-date and on every page so you can access it quickly.

As a friendly reminder and as you’ve likely read before in my posts…

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Now on to some of the current eye-popping, jaw-dropping deals or what I call the latest deals on gear I know from stores I trust


– 10% off all items at Competitive Cyclist including sale items for a limited time. Exclusions apply

– 10% off on all power meters at Power Meter City exclusively for In The Know Cycling readers except Garmin and Stages.  Enter code ITK10 at checkout

– 10% off everything at ProBikeKit UK exclusively for In The Know Cycling readers up to US-$55, CA-$75, GB-£45, EU-€50, AU-$75, NZ-$80. Enter code ITK10 at checkout

– 10% off components at ProBikeKit UK with code COMPO10

– 10% off accessories, tools & maintenance products at ProBikeKit UK with code ATM10



– 47% off a pair of 25C Continental Grand Prix 4000S II

Rim Brake Wheelsets

– USD$1135 Reynolds Assault Clincher Tubeless with exclusive code ITKRW

– USD$2266£2175, €2500 ENVE SES 2.2 

Disc Brake Wheelsets

– USD$1135 Reynolds Assault Clincher Tubeless Disc with exclusive code ITKRW

– USD$2320 ENVE SES 3.4 Disc wheelset 2016 Campagnolo hub model


– USD$1350 Dura Ace R9100 groupset with exclusive code ITK10

– USD$2375 Dura Ace R9150 Di2 groupset with exclusive code ITK10


– 1/3 off/USD$200, £190, €222 Assos T.Cento S7 Bib Shorts

– 40% off/USD$96-104 Castelli Perfetto Light Jersey minus another 10%

– 36% off/USD$94£90, €103 Castelli Gabba 2 Short Sleeve Jersey

– 27% off/USD$220 Castelli Mondiale Bib Shorts minus another 10%

– 28% off/$105, £80, €98 Castelli Sorpasso Bib Tights

– 50% off/$15, £12.50, €14.75 dhb Short Sleeve Seamless Base Layer


-39% off/USD$90, £85, €100 Shimano Ultegra 6800 SPD-SL 


– 30%-35% off Quarq Riken and Elsa 

– 10% off 4iiii, bePro, PowerPod, Powertap, Rotor, SRM, Verve, Watteam with exclusive code ITK10

– 13%-20% off Garmin Edge


For the range of gear road cycling enthusiasts use, Competitive CyclistWiggle, Tweeks Cycles, ProBikeKit UK, Chain Reaction Cycles and Power Meter City offer the best combination of prices, selection, satisfaction and support.

Go here to see my latest ratings of recommended stores and those I don’t recommend

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  • Thanks again Steve
    I did in fact order a set of the Zonda C17’s should be here soon
    Also thanks for the ITK10 deal at ProBike made the whole deal even sweeter !

    Looking forward to these.

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