Getting tired of riding the trainer this winter?  Seen enough of Watopia while Zwifting around the island on your virtual group rides with your virtual friends?  Ready to get back out on the road?  Or maybe you already ride outside year-round because where your live, you can or as a true cycling hardman, you must or as serious roadie, you couldn’t afford to fix your car this winter because you needed that money for some gear for your bike this spring.

For me February is becoming a memory, the snow is melting and it’s warming up where I live.  Even the best trainers and software and videos don’t get my cycling juices flowing anywhere near as much as a good ride out on the local roads.  So, I’ve just decided to call it spring time now and get out there.  Just like I was still calling it fall when I stopped riding in early December with the first snowflakes falling around me.

I want to help you get out there or at least, help you be comfortable when you are and give you a chance to win a £200 gift voucher courtesy of the nice folks at ProBikeKit UK to make it a little sweeter.

Yes, it’s time for another In The Know Cycling giveaway.  Here’s all you need to do for a chance to win this one:

  • Go to the comment section at the end of that review (not this one!)
  • Enter a short comment describing

a) when you plan to start riding outside this year and when you plan to finish, and

b) what kind of kit (aka cycling clothing or apparel) you need to add to ride comfortably during those times of year

If you’ve never commented on the site before, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately and please don’t enter it multiple times.  To prevent spammy, snarky or otherwise unhelpful folks from fouling the comment stream, I have to manually accept or “moderate” all first time commenters.  I’ll typically do that within 12 hours.  One entry per person please.

Although I’m sure you’ll all make some impressive commitments to riding longer this year (and I’ve acquired software that will disable your smart trainers if you try to use them on days when you had committed to ride outside), I will pick one comment at random on March 9th among all your great entries and contact the winner by e-mail.

Remember, you need to comment at the end of the The Best Spring and Fall Cycling Kit post, not this one, to enter.

A big thanks to ProBikeKit UK for providing the gift voucher and giving me another opportunity to tell you that layering up your summer kit will only take so far riding outside in the spring and fall.  (That’s the 20 word summary of my 10,000 word review.)  While PBK UK certainly has an online store full of clothing, they also offer a wide range of wheels, components and accessories.  If when you win, you can use the voucher for anything in the store.

ProBikeKit UK also gives you as In The Know Cycling readers an exclusive discount of 10% off everything in the store up to US-$55, CA-$75, GB-£45, EU-€50, AU-$75, NZ-$80 when you click through a link from this site to theirs and enter code ITK10 at checkout.  So thanks chaps for that too and if you don’t win, well that discount is a not a bad way to justify some of your expenses to your significant other.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy riding out on the roads early, often and safely this year.

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