Our first two In The Know Cycling giveaways are now history and we have some winners to announce and congratulate.  Before I do, let me thank all of you who clipped in for these inaugural giveaway rides.

From the results it’s clear that those of you who come to this site make up a great community of enthusiasts – an online peloton if you will – who have a lot to contribute to each other and me by sharing your commitment to road cycling through your comments.  Looking at our winners illustrates this.

Yury Yurevich won the $500 gift certificate kindly provided by Power Meter City to use for a model of one of the nine different power meter brands they carry.  While I picked his entry at random, Yury’s “bucket list ride” goals and the role his new power meter will play to help him reach them are the kind we can all aspire to.


If you look through the comments at the end of my power meter review, you’ll find an inspiring range of goals you and your fellow enthusiasts shared that I can’t imagine will be achieved without a power meter.  They included completing epic climbs and long rides without blowing up too early (Amen to that!), raising FTP levels by 10-20 watts this season and up to 4 watts/kg (or “crazy strong”), and making training rides and time on the road much more efficient by using a tool that measures performance and progress against specific goals (what power meters are all about).

power-meter-city-logoAfter reading these, I’m clearly going to have to raise my game to stay on your wheels and take my share of pulls.  Fortunately, I have a power meter (a few actually, as I wrote a review about them).  When you are ready to buy yours, remember that Power Meter City gives In The Know Cycling readers a 10% discount if you click through any of the links from our site to theirs and use the code ITK10 at checkout.

Thanks again to Power Meter City for providing the gift certificate for the giveaway.

We also did a giveaway on Black Friday last November.  “Oh yeah,” you may be wondering, “what happened to that one?”  Well, while winners have received their vouchers for that contest, I haven’t posted about until now.

Why?  Well, I learned a few things from that giveaway about you and others about me that it’s taken a while to digest.

First, I learned that you guys were incredibly responsive to my request to help-out two bike charities I really believe in – Bikes Not Bombs and World Bicycle Relief.  These great organizations provide bikes for transportation to people in developing communities around the world that give them greater access to jobs, education, health care and other services to better their lives.

By concentrating your purchases as part this giveaway on Black Friday, the day I committed to donate all commissions the site received to these charities rather than to cover the costs of gear for reviews and other site expenses, I was able to donate 25x what I would have been able to give on my own to these great charities.  Many thanks to all of you for this.


I also learned that I made the Black Friday giveaway way too complicated.  Five chances to win, four great stores providing gift vouchers, several ways to enter, and two bike charities to donate to.  Everything but the partridge and pear tree.

Anyway, while I randomly picked five winners, only two responded when the stores they shopped at contacted them with the good news, even after several attempts.  I also tried to give away a gift voucher to a store of the winner’s choice to one of you great people who have signed up to follow the site.  Amazingly, I got no response from the follower I randomly picked for that voucher so I tried to give it away to a second randomly picked follower.  Again, no dice.

After a while, it seemed like I was out on a breakaway that few wanted to follow so I decided to let the peloton catch up to me, declare victory with a couple of winners receiving their vouchers, and resolve to make the next giveaway a lot simpler.

competitive-cyclist-logoDiego Jordao was the first Black Friday charity giveaway winner, scoring a $500 gift certificate from Competitive Cyclist.  Diego is from Brazil, was visiting the US when he bought and received some sweet cycling gear from the US top ranked Competitive Cyclist online store that has great selection and customer service, and is training for the Gran Fondo New York that he’ll ride this May.  Needless to say, he was super psyched to win and will be adding some more new gear for that GFNY.

Wee Jian Sheng won the £200 gift voucher from Chain Reaction Cycles, another of my top ranked online retailers.  Jian Sheng e-mailed me that he picked up road cycling just over a year ago and buys all his gear from Chain Reaction Cycles where he loves their prices.  Now that Jian Sheng is hooked on cycling, he’s been upgrading his gear and will have a gift voucher to do more of it.

Thanks again to Competitive Cyclist and Chain Reaction Cycles for supporting these great bike charities through the Black Friday giveaway.  Diego probably now thinks that Carnival comes twice a year and Jian Sheng got a nice push on the upgrade roller coaster it seems all of us enthusiasts love to ride.

Thanks also to Wiggle and ProBikeKit UK for participating in this giveaway.  A lot of you bought gear on Black Friday at these great stores too but unfortunately the winners of their gift vouchers didn’t respond to multiple attempts to reach them.  Go figure.

Judging from how the power meter giveaway went, I think we now have a good formula for future giveaways.  I’ll modify a well know mantra and add a bit of ownership by calling it KISSS! (Keep It Simple Stupid Steve).

And, to rip-off and corrupt another well-known phrase, the giveaway future is now.  Or, at least it will be in a few weeks.  That’s when I’ll do our next giveaway and there’ll be more to come over the next few months.  To know exactly when these giveaways are happening, make sure to follow the site with the button at the bottom of the screen or use the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or RSS links in the right-hand column.

And, as always, thanks for supporting the site by buying your gear through the many links to great stores like Power Meter City, Competitive CyclistChain Reaction Cycles, Wiggle and ProBikeKit UK that help make possible the giveaways you get and reviews I do.

Cheers and enjoy your ride safely.


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