Winter for those of us roadies who live in the Northern Hemisphere can be a big bummer or a big opportunity.  We’ll typically ride less and we can either lose our conditioning and get fat waiting for better weather or keep cranking it out indoors and follow a training plan that will get us ready to rock and roll when the season ramps up again in the spring.

I’ve written before here about how important a goal-focused training program is and here about why you should use a power meter to get the most out of it.  With a growing range of very good power meters near or under 1000 US dollars, pounds or Euros and with ones that provide most road cycling enthusiasts all we need for around $500, you really don’t have a good excuse to be training and riding without one.

Except maybe for the part about the $500.

Well, if that’s your excuse, here’s an opportunity to power right through it by winning a $500 gift certificate you can use at Power Meter City to purchase one of over 50 models of power meters from 8 different brands that measure power at your pedals, cranks, spider, spindle, hub or sunglasses.

Well, not actually your sunglasses.  Just wanted to see if you were still with me.

For a chance to win, simply go to my review of power meters here and leave a short comment at the end of the review by the heart-beating close of Valentine’s Day, February 14.  In your comment, share one measurable cycling goal you have this year and why you think having a power meter can help you achieve it.

If you’ve never commented on the site before, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show immediately and please don’t enter it multiple times.  To prevent spammy, snarky or otherwise unhelpful folks from fouling the comment stream, I have to manually accept or “moderate” all first time commenters.  I’ll typically do that within 24 hours.  One entry per person please.

While I’m very interested to read about your goals and how a power meter will help you get there (and will hold each and every one of you accountable to achieve them), I’m sure they’ll all be worthy so I’ll pick a winner at random from all those who both commented.

A big shout out and thanks to Power Meter City for coming across with the gift certificate.  With a name and store full of gear focused on power meters, they obviously share my belief that these devices are key to better training and performance.  They are based in the US but ship internationally and are crazy helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to power meters.

They are also believers in what I’m trying to do with this site and support those of you who read it.  If you don’t win the giveaway, know that they exclusively give In The Know Cycling readers a 10% discount on everything in the store (except Garmin gear) when you go there through one of the links on this site (like this one) and enter the code ITK10 at checkout.

In summary then, here’s what you need to do for a chance to win this $500 power meter giveaway

* Read my review on power meters here

* Go to the comment section at the end of the review

* Share one measurable cycling goal you have this year and why you think a power meter will help you achieve it.

* Do it by the end of Valentine’s Day, February 14th

I’ll contact the winner by email.

We’ll be having more contests in the months ahead.  To learn about them and read my latest reviews, click the follow button at the bottom right (scroll up a bit if you don’t see it at first), like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or add our post stream your RSS reader.

Good luck to everyone and keep training hard and smart toward your cycling goals.


  • Remember, for a chance to win comment at end of my power meter review here
    rather than at the end of this one.

    If you want to comment on how awesome this giveaway is, feel free to comment below but you won’t be able to win the $500 gift certificate unless you comment in my power meter review. Thanks. Good luck.

  • Thanks Steve for another great review! I have dreamed of owning a power meter for a while now, but prices have put me off until recently. I have been using a heart rate monitor & cadence sensor to some success, but would love to use power to achieve my goals.

  • I love training with power and the feedback is incredibly motivating.

  • i don’t have a goal per se… and at the same time, i have plenty of them ! hashtag dichotomy ! 🙂

    i started cycling again after a huge gap thanks to a LOT of injuries/accidents and body damage.
    in march last year i hobbled back onto my bike, with a 6 inch stem riser to help me not bend ( at all ).
    gingerly i rode about 10-15 km a day for a month. raising this to 20 and then 30 km a day. raising that to doing a few 100’s and then finally by end may doing a 200 km ride as well.
    each month i choose to take the stem down by about 1 cm and see how that felt. eventually taking the riser off altogether and riding in a more aggressive position.
    by September , i managed to take my first kom ( because, why not ) . all on my touring bike.
    by December i had added 25 more kom’s. and feeling fitter and had also lost some 15 kgs to boot!
    i need to get me a road bike now to help ride better and faster. so that is one of my goals 🙂
    i do not have a power meter and strava is quite inaccurate with its power readings. so i would like to get one of those as well. perhaps a stages or a 4iii. that would help me understand my rides that much better.
    in the last month or so , i have been using a HRM which , by itself has been great. and its also helped me understand my riding better.
    the first article i read that Steve wrote was on aero helmets and i eventually got myself one ( bontrager ballista ) the difference between the helmet i wore before that ( a giro ) and the ballista was immediate. i found it rather hard to believe that just a helmet could help that much ! but it does.
    next i got the set of tires that he had recommended ( conti 4000 II s ) . again, the difference between what i was using before that ( gatorskins ) and the 4000 IIs was huge.
    Steve writes with the average rider in mind and he writes so clearly that it feels like all the questions i had about riding, about fit, comfort and speed and had been searching all over the net to find out about , and found them all in one place !

    Its been that brilliant.

    thank you again Steve.

  • What an informative and comprehensive article. It has taken a lot of doubt out of my mind about the value of power meters for enthusiasts. Getting one is on my list now. I’m always the last one up any grade and first to get dropped on our weekly club rides. My season goal is to be able to hang with the pack on those hilly rides.


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