Would you enter a cycling giveaway where you win just by participating and where the prizes include hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros of gift vouchers and bikes?

If you’re a cycling enthusiast like me, riding a bike plays a big part in your life.  It’s your sport, your passion, your exercise, your community, a part of your identity.  That’s pretty big.

For people living in poor countries, just having a bike can be a life changer.  A bike will provide access to essential goods and services, to education, to healthcare, to jobs, to new opportunities, to a better life.  Now that’s really big.

Want to be a life changer when you buy some cycling gear?

This year, amid all the excitement of the holiday shopping season, is offering all of you who buy cycling gear on Black Friday the opportunity to support two great organizations that help make really big, life changing things happen.  It won’t cost you anything more than you’re already planning to spend, you’ll be a winner for doing so and you could win a huge voucher for your next gear purchase just by joining in on this cycling giveaway ride.

How’s it going to work?

First, as many of you know, when you buy cycling gear through the links to many of the stores I list with the lowest prices and best customer satisfaction ratings in this or any post or page on the site, a small amount of what you’ve spent comes back to the site to help cover our review and site costs.

Well, on November 25th this year, the day also known as “Black Friday”, the day the retail world goes crazy with sales and discounts on everything including cycling gear, I’ll be sending whatever comes back to from your purchases to two bike charities – World Bicycle Relief and Bikes Not Bombs.

These great groups provide thousands of bikes every year to people in developing communities throughout Africa, the Caribbean, Latin and South America, and Southeast Asia to help change lives.  This is the kind of mission I’m honored to do a pull for and I welcome all of you in the roadie community to hop on this paceline with me.

Want to win even bigger?

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s further incentive, a kind of long downhill after all your hard pedaling this year.  Buy the gear you need on Black Friday from a link on this site to one of four of the stores I’ve rated the best – Competitive Cyclist, Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles and ProBikeKit – among nearly 100 online stores I track and be entered for a chance to win a gift certificate, aka voucher worth between $250US/£200/€225 and $500US/£400/€450 from among just In The Know Cycling readers.

Each of those fine stores have very generously agreed to provide one reader who buys through a link from this site a whopping big voucher to be used on a future purchase because they want you to support this Black Friday, Everyone Wins, Best Really Big Cycling Giveaway and the bike charities that will benefit from your participation.

Can I still win if I don’t buy something?

Aren’t in the market to buy something shiny and new to improve your cycling on Black Friday but still want to win? We’re talking about some big time wheel sucking here but hey, some days that’s about all I can do too so I get where you may be coming from.

For you, merely click the Follow button at the bottom right of your screen.  Scroll up a bit if you don’t immediately see it. You’ll become one of the lucky people who get my new cycling gear reviews and store rating posts and all the information and analysis they include sent directly to you as soon as I hit the publish button.  That’s a win itself but when you sign up to follow, I’ll also add you into a separate drawing for a $100US/£80/€95 gift voucher to the store of your choice along with the people who now get each post by e-mail.

Want to further improve your chances?

Here’s a little wind at your back, a virtual aero benefit you can get with just a few more clicks of your keyboard.  After you hit the follow button or if you already do, click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons at the bottom of this post to share it with other riders in your network.  I’ll multiply your chances of winning the $100US/£80/€95 gift voucher of your choice 3X the first time you share this post on each of those social networks.

How’s that for a pull?  You’re welcome to share as often as you like or tell your friends in more conventional ways like e-mail, phone calls, at group rides, even face to face (imagine!) but I can only multiply your chances once for a Facebook share and once for Twitter retweet.  I don’t have the strength (or technology) to do more and I want to keep this rather civil and away from some who might want to breakaway from the pack by going all techie on us.  Feel free to add a winning comment in your Facebook share or use the #CyclingGiveaway hashtag or spread the @itkcycling username when you retweet.

So, as I hope you can see, Everyone Wins!

You’re a winner by supporting World Bicycle Relief and Bikes Not Bombs and the people in developing communities they support when you buy something through one of the store links on Black Friday.  You also could win a big gift voucher by buying through the links to Competitive Cyclist, Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles or ProBikeKit on that day.

And those great stores are winners for providing the vouchers that allow me to get you excited about this giveaway and support the bike charities.  If this all goes well (buy a lot of gear on Black Friday and encourage your riding buddies to do the same), I’ll likely be able to convince these stores to do this kind of giveaway again.

You can also win just by following and adding yourself to the community of In The Know Cycling readers who get independent and comprehensive reviews that help you find the best performing and best value gear and stores and sort out the merely good or not so good or over-hyped stuff.  You could win a big voucher by doing so and improve your odds by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

Most importantly, World Bicycle Relief and Bikes Not Bombs certainly win by getting more funding to carry out their mission to deliver bikes and of course, the people getting the bikes are the biggest winners thanks to you and the role bikes will play in their lives.

Ultimately, we all win by strengthening the commitment to cycling we share and the benefit it brings to us and people around the world.

Thanks, peace and enjoy your winnings.

The fine print

You must be signed up to follow In The Know Cycling by e-mail on November 25th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) to be eligible to win the “follow drawing” for the $100US/£80/€95 gift voucher to the store of your choice. Eastern Standard Time is -5 GMT or -5 UTS.  This means 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time or Coordinated Universal Time (which are the same thing).

Winners of the $250US/£200/€225 and $500US/£400/€450 vouchers from Competitive Cyclist, Wiggle, Chain Reaction and ProBikeKit will be picked from those who make validated last click purchases through links from this site at those stores on November 25th between 12:01am to 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.  “Last click” means that you don’t click on another link to the store or get the assistance from a customer service agent to complete the sale after clicking on the link from this site.  “Validated” means payment is received by the store for the gear and you like it so much that you keep it after the period allowed by the store for returns has ended.

Voucher winners will be selected randomly and you will be notified by me for the follow drawing and directly by one of the participating stores for the store voucher drawings.  Voucher winners must agree to allow their names be used to announce the voucher winners.  No customer information will be shared with In The Know Cycling by the stores without permission from the customer.  

Phew.  Pulling is much easier than writing fine print!

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